Today in History (1970): Christopher Nolan is born


Does the name sound familiar? Of course it does! Christopher Nolan is no less than the director of Inception, the latest Batman trilogy, and Man of Steel. Today is his birthday.

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Christopher Jonathan James Nolan—-simply known as Christopher Nolan—-was born in London, England on July 30, 1970. As a dual citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom, his youth was spent divided between London in Chicago. At seven years old he had already borrowed his father’s Super 8 camera and shot short films using his action figures.

He took up English Literature at University College London (UCL). UCL won Nolan’s favor due to its filmmaking facilities that included 16 mm cameras and a Steenbeck editing suite. Early on, It was evident that he was passionate about film. He became the president of the Union’s Film Society. With his future wife and producer Emma Thomas, he screened 35 mm feature films throughout the school year. He used whatever money he would raise from these screenings to produce 16 mm films during summer.

Nolan’s first feature film, Following (1998), is about an unemployed young writer who, in his quest to find inspiration for his first novel, follows strangers through London and becomes involved in a criminal underworld. It was produced on a £3,000 budget. Nolan wrote his own script, as well as directed, photographed and edited the film all by himself. It garnered attention at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 1998 and was soon distributed in the US by Zeitgeist films.

Following Following was Memento (2000), a box office success that critics claimed to be one of the best films of the decade. In 2002, the psychological thriller Insomnia was released, starring no less than Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank. Similarly, the film was lauded by critics.

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Nolan began the Dark Night trilogy in 2005 with Batman Begins. He directed and co-produced The Prestige in 2006 and worked on The Dark Night in 2008. The mind-boggling sci-fi success Inception was released in 2010, followed by The Dark Night Rises in 2012. Nolan’s latest involvement is this year’s Man of Steel, which he co-produced.

Aside from box office success, Nolan’s films are noted for sharing common characteristics. He commonly utilizes urban modernistic settings, monochromatic color schemes, flashbacks, fragmented narratives, and neo-noir features. And yes, despite the so-called digital revolution, he prefers to shoot on film.

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The critically-acclaimed British American director turns 43 today. Let’s all offer him a toast. Here’s to many more years of (analogue) filmmaking!

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