Summer Photography Tips: Shooting Silhouettes

2013-08-03 3

Creating silhouettes is one of the most exciting techniques that I usually do during the summer time. When the sun shines so bright, a cool silhouette can be produced with any camera!

The sun is our best friend during summer. And one of the things that we can play under the sun is creating silhouettes with our beloved cameras. So take your camera, fill it with film, and let’s go outdoors!

Credits: bebopbebop

The idea to make a silhouette is to shoot your subject against a light source so the objects will be darkened because of the back light. There are a few steps to capture a great silhouette Lomographs:

1. Pick an interesting subject.

In fact, everything can be made into a silhouette. But i think the more recognizable the subjects, the more it looks cool. I usually shoots people, trees, or sometimes buildings.

Credits: bebopbebop

2. Shoot it against the light.

You have to shoot it against the light or you won’t produce a silhouette. Don’t use flash, and let the back light amazes you.

Credits: bebopbebop

3. Use slides films.

I usually use slide films to make a great silhouette lomograph. Of course you can use color negative or even a black and white film and your silhouettes will still look cool. But for me the color that slide films produce will be very jaw-dropping.

Credits: bebopbebop

And that’s it! Have a nice day!

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  1. mootmot
    mootmot ·

    how about the exposures? like lca for example... anybody knows?

  2. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    @mootmot i usually underexpose it, for exaple if the film iso is 100, i set at 200 or 400

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