Super Selfies Taken Using the Lubitel Cameras

2013-07-30 5

One of the best photos you can take with twin-lens reflex cameras (TLR) is the self-portrait. Look for a mirror or a good reflective surface, focus and peer through the waist-level viewfinder, smile at your reflection, and press the shutter! Some of our fellow lomographers have taken pretty impressive selfies with their Lubitel cameras, so step right up and take a look!

Some may find it a little challenging to work with a twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera like the members of the Lubitel family, but once you’ve gotten used to peering and focusing through the waist-level lens, you’ll start snapping away in no time. The Lubitel cameras are great for taking portraits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fiddle around with it to take self-portraits! Take a look at the super selfies some of our fellow lomographers have taken in the selection below:

Credits: lucadeluca, diet_mar, theresia, adi_totp, sjura, brommi, geegraphy, vtayeh, nanaphotography, why-yu, trashpilotin, cruesi & killingthecamera

Do you also happen to have taken a nice self-portrait with your Lubitel camera? Share it with us with a comment below!

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The Lubitel the medium format counterpart of the Lomo LC-A. With a top-down viewer, a “Triplet” lens, and manual shutter & aperture controls, the Lubitel yields absolutely gorgeous 6×6 and 6×4.5 images. Head to our Shop for your own Lubitel now!

The Lubitel 2 is an attention-seeker—from its top-down viewer, down to its stylish, black, metal body. Its signature Triplet T22 lens yields charming and distinctive medium format shots. Get your own Lubitel 2 now!

The Lubitel 1 is an eye-catching medium format beauty. Its attached Triplet T22 lens brings out a unique, crystal clear flair to its distinct square shots. The Lubitel 1 also offers flash synchronization and a self-timer to boot! Get your own Lubitel 1 now!

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    @lucadeluca, @diet_mar, @theresia, @adi_totp, @sjura, @brommi, @geegraphy, @vtayeh, @nanaphotography, @why-yu, @svala, @trashpilotin, @cruesi, and @killingthecamera!
    great shots! i got one too: the tlr-vagina-shot - the title comes from another user:

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    thank you @plasticpopsicle :D :D

  4. vtayeh
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    Wonderful portraits, love the variety of how folks are looking down into the viewfinder or up into the reflection, thanks @plasticpopsicle

  5. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    You're welcome, @adi_totp and @vtayeh! :)

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