DIY Jewelry with Film Containers!

2013-07-30 1

Eye-catching pieces of jewelry need not be expensive. Re-purpose those 35mm film containers from the photo lab into something fashionable!

Junkwelry Film Canister Necklace by Darinka Design

Upcycling, the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials, is all the rage now. You can see practically everything getting re-purposed – old tires, bicycle frames and rims, and in our case, film canisters and containers.

Darinka Design takes repurposing film containers to a whole new level in her junkwelry project. While this undertaking is not for the everyday Lomographer, it’s certainly an interesting thought!

Do you have a fashion shoot coming up? Better keep this in mind!

Junkwelry Film Canister Lid Set by Darinka Design
Film Canister Lid Bracelet by Darinka Design

Here’s a diagram of what parts exactly were used in the making of the pieces. It’s a bit small but I’m sure you’ll get it!

Junkwelry Disassembly Diagram by Darinka Design

Information for this article was sourced from Darinka Design

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  1. dashu
    dashu ·

    sadly im a male, but looks good on women .)!

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