Picture This: Freedom


Man belongs to nature. Nature makes part of our nature. Inspirational nature gives me the true feeling of freedom. Freedom is naturally a man’s need. So, nature has a strong relation with freedom.

Credits: -alia-

Sometimes, the burden of civilization can be overwhelming, making me want to run away from everything. Every time that this happens, I find my inner peace when in touch with nature. It provides me a sense of satisfaction and a better mood. Nature allows me to feel free, breaking the chains of society. Nature gives a different expression to my senses. When breathing pure air, when listen forest cracking, when looking at the angry sea, when tasting the morning dew or when touching a warm stone, my body and soul feel the instinctive link between both, man and nature.

Credits: -alia-

Nature takes us to different realities, the perfect world like nature itself. It is essential to the physical, psychological and consequently social well-being of the human animal.

“Man makes part of nature. He needs nature to survive and be healthy. Nature influences human behaviour, gives man more than just a relaxed and calm feeling: a connection with our big existence.”
Several studies, concerning Nature and its role in human being balance, explain why we feel in harmony with our mind and body when in contact with true natural world. It recharges our energies making us feel stronger, invincible and part of a superior thing: nature. It gives a meaning to our life. This is the nature of man.

Credits: -alia-

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