R2-D2 and C-3PO smiling and looking at each other, unmasked during film break


We present to you the robotic darlings of the Star Wars franchise, as you’ve (probably) never seen them before: unmasked during a break from the shoot!

Photo via Retronaut

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels, the humans beneath the adorable robotic duo of R2-D2 and C-3PO from the Star Wars franchise, photographed on the set in 1982.

While some actual robotic work had to be done for R2-D2 (as you can see in one of the behind the scenes photos here), his humanoid partner C-3PO was obviously “powered” by an actual human beneath all the glistening gold exterior.

While the two robotic darlings have this unexplainable yet unmistakable on-screen “chemistry,” MentalFloss and Hollywood.com report that the R2-D2 star is not a fan of his C-3PO co-star, saying “Anthony Daniels is the rudest man I’ve ever met.” The dwarf actor also shares that their wardrobe time further restricted his communication with Daniels:

“By the time Anthony is in his costume I don’t see him. I turn up five minutes before filming starts and they pop me into the R2-D2 shell. There’s no talking once you’re inside.

“He’s had 30 minutes getting out at the end and by that time I’m away. We never meet socially—we don’t live anywhere near each other.”

That’s kind of sad, since they look quite on friendly terms looking at this photo!

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