PIcture This: The Freedom of Flying


I’ve always loved flying, because in my opinion it’s also a symbol of freedom. It’s something that we’ve always tried to do from Leonardo da Vinci’s time, and it’s something that we will never be able to do on our own, but it still embodies the complete freedom of movement.

Credits: virtualflyer

In the sky, you have no limits and it’s just you and your freedom!

This photo has been taken with my Olympus OM-10 loaded with an expired film and I love the vintage effect it gave to the photo!

There are many types of freedom, and some like the freedom of speech are very popular nowadays, I prefer to choose a metaphor for the freedom, but we must never forget of how much free we are compared with many people in the world.

written by virtualflyer on 2013-08-06 #lifestyle #expired #freedom #flying #olympus #this #flight #10 #kites #picture #om

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