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My recent visit to a budget bookstore I frequent yielded yet another inspiring find, this time, something I found helpful to get me started with journalling. If journalling is something you’ve been also wanting to try, especially with your photos, this book could also be interesting for you!

Part of why I’ve been practicing with my doodles and taking a peek at what some master doodlers have been making, is that I want to utilize it into making journal pages. I want to be able to mix sketching with cut-outs, watercolor, paper cutting, and other techniques to make eye-catching journal pages, but I’m still not quite there yet. So, when I found and leafed through Journal Revolution in one of the secondhand bookstores I frequent, I found that it could help me ease into the art of creative cutting-and-pasting (with doodling and painting on the side).

Some pages from Journal Revolution

Journal Revolution by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino gives readers a rundown of what they need to get, prepare, and do to get started with journalling. List of tools and materials? Check. “Tactical maneuvers” to try and master? Check. Sources of inspiration to fuel your creativity? Check. Sample projects to do and customize? Check, check, check. Everything is simple and easy to understand yet also compelling enough to make you want to try some projects, so I really think this is a good read for anyone who needs an introduction to journalling.

I think this book also makes a great “companion” for a related book I spotted and picked up early this month: The 1000 Journals Project!

Looking for more journalling inspiration? I came across some great ones here in the Magazine:

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