Learning to Light - The Egg

2013-07-29 3

As we all know, lighting is a very important part of photography that we all have to learn sooner rather than later. The egg tutorial is the easiest way to grasp the foundations of photography. Check it out!

While us Lomographers don’t use studio lighting as much as other photographers, learning the principles of lighting still goes a long way in improving our craft. I found that the easiest and most effective way of teaching and learning about lighting is with the help of an egg.

How you ask? Do you use a flash while cooking it? Do you look for light while it’s being poached?

Nope it’s much simpler than that! Just take an egg, a sharpie, and a flashlight. Draw a face on the egg and place it standing on the table using an egg holder or some clay. Using your flash light, check how the highlights and shadows rise and fall, how the light behaves when it’s head-on or back-lit. Observe the difference between the light quality if it’s an inch away and a foot away from the egg. It sounds silly until you try it, and I implore you to.

Here’s a short video from photographer Joe Edelman who explains how this technique has helped him grow as a photographer:

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Where do people find eggs that white?! And does it matter, for the exercise? :)

  2. cruzron
    cruzron ·

    not really. what's important is observing how the light falls on the egg!

  3. _marieke
    _marieke ·

    A little late for breakfast, but useful information anyway :) Thanks!

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