Archiving of Your Negatives, Photos and Files on Your Computer

2013-12-29 2

I started arranging my negatives early and transferred it with the same numbering on the computer so I can find my negatives easier. It’s a cool and convenient especially whenever I need to look for something in my files.

Like most people, I archive my negatives after scanning into negative covers in a folder. I still have the files on my PC as well as prints sorted out per film. I’ll explain to you my system here.

My pictures are always sorted by year. The digital ones are recorded per months and days as well. For my analogue files, I number them as they accumulate. Therefore, the first film roll I shot gets the number 01, then 02 and so on.

Here’s my structure using the PC (numbering system) marking of the folder and the files:

Moreover, I lay out a about. txt file into which I write the camera, the film and the date.

The same numbering system I use with my film files – what kind of film and which camera I used is the same system I use in filing my cover for each negative:

Now, for the prints. For these I use photo boxes and home-made paper bags on which I also write the year, film number, camera I used and film type.

I also use paper bags made from DIN A4 paper or cut parts of the bag from the photo lab to recycle a bag on my own.

Everything is relatively simple and I therefore always find the corresponding negatives to my pictures or files. Moreover, I always know which camera and which film I have used.

I hope, this tipster here is a help to some of you guys!
Your Pearlgirl

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