Beautiful Moleskine doodles wows with impressive details


One look at the works of a Philippines-based illustrator will tell you that there’s still so much awesomeness you can do with pen and paper, and that doodling can be more than just mindless scribbling over random sheets of paper. Read on to take a look and find out more!

As someone who tries to make doodles and sketches to de-stress and de-clutter her brain after a long day at work, it took just one doodle by Kerby Rosanes to inspire me to keep doodling until my works reach epic levels — well, I can dream, right? Like Patrick Vale's sketched cities, the doodles of the Philippines-based illustrator is certainly gifted with impressive drawing skills, each spread of his Moleskine a canvas for artworks featuring mythic creatures and objects made up of cartoonish details. Pretty delicious details, if you ask me!

Below are just some of the drool-worthy doodles by Kerby Rosanes; you can head over to his Sketchy Stories Blog/Facebook Page if you want to drool over some more!

Photos via My Modern Met

Do you also make doodles? Share your insight with us and leave a comment below!

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