How to Make a Cheery Lomography Camera Case!

2013-07-29 1

You only need creativity and a happy tummy to make a nice camera case. Do-it-yourself with a McDonald’s Happy Meal box and design it however you want!

No Lomographer wants to damage his camera just by leaving it out in the open without a case. If you can’t afford a shiny new leather one, you can create a basic box on your own!


  • Happy Meal box – Just go to McDonalds, enjoy your yummy Happy Meal and toy and save the packaging!
  • tough cardboard
  • glue
  • acrylic paint, glitters, markers, other decorating materials


1. Measure the rim base of the box.
2. Cut the cardboard in the right length to strengthen the base.
3. Repeat the same for the walls, but be careful: If you cover the part, where the top is fixed, it won´t close anymore.

4. Use the acrylic paint to brighten up the exterior walls.
5. You can further decorate it with anything that comes to your mind.

Have fun with your new camera box!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    This makes me think of when you buy your 10kg cloth bag of rice... I've been using these for camera bags for years, but, lately, the bags are plastic coated paper. Cloth grocery bags are wonderful, too. Draw and embroider on them. Also, Mc Donald's is NOT yummy, and has not been since they stopped frying things in lard, and they are a very exploitative employer from their very beginnings. Nature of most fast food businesses. Eat in "mom and pop" places.

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