The Minolta AF-C: Perfect for the Lazy Lomographer


It looks and feels a little bit like an LC-A, but slightly different. Can this Japanese compact-camera give our Russian classic a run for its money?

Camera and detachable flash, picture from Ted Court

I just love compact-cameras, so when I saw this Minolta AF-C I knew I had to have it. It looks like an LC-A. And something that looks like an LC-A, must be good!

Credits: desibel

I love my LC-A just as much as I love the slogan ”don’t think, just shoot!”. Unfortunately I sometimes don’t think enough and forget to set the focus right. That’s why the Minolta AF-C is perfect for a lazy Lomographer like me.

Credits: desibel

The Minolta AF-C is a Japanese camera from 1982. Like the name says, it has an auto focus. Great! Furthermore you can set your ISO, ranging from 25 to 400, and the camera also has a built-in light meter, so your picture will always be properly exposed. In the front there is a delayed action shutter button and you can attach a matching flash on the side.

Credits: desibel

The only negative I have, is that it’s not able to take multiple exposure, like the LC-A+. And I also miss the possibility of a Splitzer. All in all it’s good camera for when you don’t want to be thinking of the focus. So, if you run into one of these: this small, simple and reliable camera won’t disappoint!

written by desibel on 2013-07-28 #gear #review #lc-a #minolta #autofocus #minolta-af-c #cosina #nederlands #requested-post #nld #kleinbeeld #tweedehands
translated by headlock

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