Locations Log Book: Summer Hot Spots (Part Two)


Summer’s far from over, kids! Here’s another roundup of the latest and the hottest Summer Hot Spots that our fellow Lomographers have to recommend. So take your pick, pack your bags and enjoy the season! Lomo on!

Summer Hot Spots: Chasing the Sun along the Algarve Coastline by sharkteeth

“It’s only been a week or two since I returned from Portugal, but the time spent there has already become one of those unreal memories you have doubts believing really happened. […] This was my first visit to Portugal and it won me over, it got under my skin and I almost feel as if I have always had it in my blood.”

Summer Hot Spots: The Submerse Landscapes at Grüner See, Austria by analourenco

“Last year, around this time, I got introduced to one of the most amazing lakes that I’ve ever dove in: the Grüner See. For those who never heard about it, it is a lake in Styria, Austria, near the town of Tragoß. You can immediately realize the origin of its name, as soon as you see it – the emerald-green water.”

Credits: yopanic

Summer Hot Spots: Malta by yopanic

“UK? Iceland? Ibiza? No. Let’s go to the serene south of Europe, to one of the smallest states in the European Community: Malta. Why do I suggest to go and take pictures in this tiny archipelago? Simply because of its beauty that will guarantee good results with analog pictures.”

Credits: walasiteodito

Summer Hot Spots: Better Days at Laiya Beach by walasiteodito

“Laiya Beach is one of my favorite shores; I wouldn’t have gone there three times if I didn’t liked it. It is the kind of beach that will let you just relax — not the kind where people party at night. Nights there are very quiet, perfect for listening to the waves and watching faint lights of fishermen in their boats.”

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