The Konstruktors: An Interview With lawypop


You saw the video of lawypop’s “the making of” the Konstruktor and now it’s time to hear his thoughts and see his shots!

Full name: Lawrence Chiam
Username: lawypop
Location: Singapore

Credits: lawypop

Roughly how long did it take you to build the Konstruktor?
For 2 nights! I was building it and accidentally misplaced the spring! I miraculously found it on the second night and eventually completed building the camera! Haha! But I still lost my magnifier glass!

Credits: lawypop

What was the last thing you built, and how did this compare?
I’m a lazy and impatient person. Haha! This is my First time building a DIY camera! But this made me appreciate the beauty of the structures of the camera.

Credits: lawypop

Tips for building?
My only tip is do it on a flat surface (on the floor!) and lay it on a large piece of paper so you can still find back the parts if accidentally misplaced.

Credits: lawypop

Did you do it step-by-step or did you work in random order?
Yes! I followed the step-by-step.

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