DIY Film Canister LED Flashlight

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Still wondering about all the neat stuff you can do with your discarded film canisters? How about a DIY LED flashlight?

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This Tipster take a little bit more planning than our regular ones so we’ll cut to the chase!

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Materials and tools needed:

  • White LEDs – the brighter the better!
  • Film canister
  • Push switch
  • 3V coin cell battery
  • Wires
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire insulation stripper
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Electrical tape
  • Big Needle
  • Drill


Photo from instructables

1. Using the needle, poke 2 holes on each side of the film canister’s cap so that the LED will go through.

Photo from instructables

2. Cut out 8 pieces of wire and strip the insulation on the ends.
3. The LEDs are connected in parallel, that means that all the negative (shorter) sides are connected together and all the positive (longer) sides are connected together.
3. Solder the wire onto the LEDs. Connect two same sides one by one. It should be longer with longer and shorter with shorter.
4. Don’t cut all the ends of the LEDs. Leave 1 positive (long) and 1 negative (short).
5. Using the 3V battery, test if the LEDs light up.
6. If all’s good so far, solder a longer piece of wire on the LED. Strip the end of insulation again and bend the wire.

Photo from instructables

7. Get the switch and cut 2 more long pieces of wire.
8. Strip off the ends of the wires. On the end of one wire, strip a bit more of the insulation and bend the un-insulated wire.
9. Solder the 2 wires to the switch.
10. Solder the wire without the bended end to the LED.

Photo from instructables

11. Take the 2 wires with bended ends.
12. Using electric tape, attach them both to the 3V battery.
13. Test it using the switch.

Photo from instructables

14. Using the drill, make a small hole on the side of the film canister.

Photo from instructables

15. Put the switch trough the hole, put the battery in the canister and close it all up.

Photo from instructables

And you’re done!

Information and photos for this article was sourced from instructables

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  1. dashu
    dashu ·

    is there a way to build it without a solder?

  2. jakemasa
    jakemasa ·

    I think that you can use cold soder

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