Reviews: Lomography CN 100 – Surprisingly Soft Tones


I am used to getting clear, crisp, and sharp photos from ISO 100 speed films. But with this roll of Lomography CN 100, I got soft, pleasing, and borderline creamy tones that are totally unexpected.

What happens when you only have a roll of Lomography CN 100 film in your bag, and you are photographing an open space with heavy shadows? Well, just shoot away.

But first, some background, I happen to be carrying with me my new ‘toy’ – the Leica Minilux – during a walkabout and the only roll of film left in my bag was the Lomography CN 100 film. (I just did a review of the camera; it’s a good camera with some features that I like and some I’m learning to live with. You can read my review of the camera here)

Basically, I just finished a roll of film and when I came across a park on top of a hill, hidden from sight, I knew I needed to photograph the place as the derelict conditions of the park’s chairs were indication that it will be upgraded soon.

It was around noon time, bright and sunny.

Only problem? The park has lots of trees to cover the visitor from the sun, which is a good thing from a park user’s perspective. Yet, from a film photographer’s perspective, I had to watch out for the shadows. It can spoil your photo. But that’s the old way of thinking. As a Lomographer, who cares? Just load and shoot, I say (and did).

So pardon the poor photography and camera handling skills as it was quite a steep climb up to the park and I am not exactly in my fittest condition.

Thus, I got some slightly out of focus photos as I pressed the shutter too quickly (the camera’s shutter button is rather sensitive at times).

Here are some random photos taken which shows how well this film handles a well shaded place.

Looking at the photos taken, I can safely say that I like the look and feel of this film. I definitely will be shooting with this film more during my lomo walks. It has the tones that I am looking for in my photos.

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