Throwback Thursday: Drive-In Theater Snacks


One of our Throwback Thursday offerings this week is for our fellow cinephiles out there. If you’re one of them, you will definitely enjoy this fascinating slice of history from the glorious days of drive-in theaters!

If you’ve already seen the beautiful vintage photos of drive-in theaters from the LIFE Photo Archives, we’ll delight the cinephile in you with some more nostalgic tidbits from the glory days of this summer tradition.

Photo via San Diego History Center Website

Below, you will find three clips showing what the drive-in theaters used to run during intermissions to let people know about their snack offerings from the concession stand (and a handful of other advertisements). While much of the average movie-goer’s experience has stayed pretty much the same — we buy snacks before the movie starts and we sometimes get to watch commercials alongside trailers — it’s still interesting to learn what the cinephiles of decades past used to see and do, don’t you think?

There are tons of clips online about drive-in theater intermissions and concession stand offerings (there are even crazy ones like this Tony's Pizza ad), but we suggest that you begin with the three below:

Loving these historic time capsules? Then you might want to check out the rest of our Throwback Thursday entries!

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