Converting a Scarf into a Camera Strap

2013-07-25 6

Your plain, ordinary camera strap not doing it for you? Feeling a bit drab? Here’s something to add some color to your analogue life!

Photo from thehousethatlarsbuilt

Sometimes the camera strap that came with your camera just doesn’t cut it. It could be too small for you, too ordinary, or it’s just plain meh. The solution is to buy another camera strap or just make one on your own! For today, we’re going to work on using a scarf. If you want something more… masculine, try using one with a gingham pattern!


  • Scarf
  • 2 split rings
  • 2 chain closures
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine OR needle/thread
  • Scrap of leather
  • Pen
Photo from thehousethatlarsbuilt

1. Trace the pattern on the strip of leather. You’re going to fold it so make sure it’s mirrored, and that the center is wide enough to fir the split ring.
2. Cut the leather on the folded line.

Photo from thehousethatlarsbuilt

3. Repeat so you have two pieces.
4. Connect the chain closure to the split ring.
5. Slide the leather inside the ring.
6. Fold the end of the scarf in an accordion fold, small enough so that it fits into the leather.
7. Fold the leather to put the scarf in place.
8. Sew!

And here’s the finished product:

Photo from thehousethatlarsbuilt

Information for this article was sourced from thehousethatlarsbuilt

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  1. nia_redgirl
    nia_redgirl ·

    Cant believe I never thought of this.... What a brilliant idea! Not only pretty but way more comfortable too. Love it :)

  2. ankada
    ankada ·

    Very unique! I love this idea of creating something special, that just looks so brilliant.

  3. lolafries
    lolafries ·

    thank you! this is soooo nice :)

  4. luffyblu
    luffyblu ·


  5. saisai
    saisai ·


  6. draki
    draki ·

    What a simple, yet brilliant idea! And the timing is perfect, I've just wondered myself how to make a strap for my new camera :)

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