The Death of Film by by Tyler Shields


With the recent news of Fuji’s Neopan 400 and Provia 400X being discontinued, the question of film’s longevity is raised yet again. This time around, it’s photographer Tyler Shields with a short video. Check it out after the jump!

We at Lomography are an optimistic bunch. We believe and still believe in the power of analogue and we stand by it. Over the years, major film companies have been slowly reducing support for analogue, while we’ve been doing our best in innovating and keeping the passion burning. While admittedly film isn’t as popular as it once were, that doesn’t mean it’s time to dig a six foot grave. Photographer Tyler Shields created this video as a think piece of sorts on the how a rim lighted subject I shall affectionately call “Mr. Film” looks back at the good old days and how he knows that it’s time to pull the plug.

Watch the video and ponder about it a bit. Do you agree with this performance piece? Let us know in the comments!

written by cruzron on 2013-07-25 #videos #lifestyle #film

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