Fun Under the Sun: Instant Birthday Fun with the Instax Wide at Atlantic City, NJ

2013-08-05 1

When my best friend announced he wanted to do a weekend trip to Atlantic City, NJ to celebrate his upcoming birthday, I knew I had to bring a fun, easy-to-use camera to capture the summer festivities.

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For those of us living on the East Coast of the US, the perfect summer has to include at least one trip to the shore. Atlantic City, is a perfect destination for a summer celebration due to the beaches, the boardwalk, the casinos, and the nightlife.

While, I have many cameras to choose from, I knew the Instax 210 brought ease, versatility, and instant smiles. Instant film captures the blues of the summer sky and ocean. The Instax 210 handles Instax Wide film, which are larger than the Instax Mini film used in the Diana Instant Back.

Over our weekend stay, we spent most of our daytime relaxing on the beach. Because the beach is so expansive along the coast, while there are a lot of people on the beach, it never felt overly crowded.

Scenes from the beach

Of course, after too much time on the beach someone is bound to get sunburned. So, after a quick change of clothes, we went to explore the board walk. Along the boardwalk, we spotted public art installations, a promotional backdrop for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and shops where we picked up a bubble gun.

Scenes from the boardwalk

As the sun started to set, we headed back to our hotel room to check out the great view we had and to prepare for a night out. That night, we enjoyed the casinos (where cameras are prohibited) and late night adventures out on the streets which resulted in returning to the hotel for sleep after the sun was already up.

Scenes from the night

For our last lunch there, we made sure to grab classic boardwalk food: hot dogs and pizza.

Scenes from a boardwalk lunch

Overall, we had a great weekend celebrating in Atlantic City, NJ. The best part, was that I was able to give the birthday boy all the photos from our weekend immediately afterwards as a one-of-a-kind birthday present.

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