Ensenada, Baja California


Ensenada is a small but lively town with many street cafés and restaurants which have a virety of food to offer from Italian to Chinese food and walking around town one can relax as well as have a night out partying with friends.

Ensenada (Ensenada De Todos Santos), or Port of Ensenada for its port, is the third-largest city in the Mexican state of Baja California. It is located 116 km (about 70 miles) south of Tijuana. Ensenada is locally referred as La Bella Cenicienta del Pacífico (The Cinderella of the Pacific)Also is an important commercial and fishing port as well as a cruise ship stop. There is also a navy base, an army base and a military airfield, which functions as an airport of entry into Mexico.

Ensenada sits in the heart of a wine country that is widely regarded as the best in Mexico. A few minutes south of town on highway 1 is the second-largest of three known major marine geysers in the world. This one is known as “La Bufadora”
The gray whale’s annual migration from Alaska to the lagoons of Baja California Sur between the months of December and March, and back in the months of April and May, can be seen from the coast of Ensenada. Sightseeing tours are available every day during migration season. Ensenada is known for having the best fish tacos in Baja California, also if you like scenic roads the trip from Tijuana to Ensenada offers a beautiful view of parts of the Pacific Ocean shores, by the way, on this scenic road there is also a small town called Puerto Nuevo where you can eat the most delicious Lobster of the region. Nice place to visit.

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