DIY Salt and Pepper Shaker!


Want something from the Museum of Modern Art but don’t want to shell the dough for it? Here’s a quick DIY solution!

Photo from MOMA

Artist Rita Botelho upcycled and designed these neat looking salt & pepper shakers, which were sold in the Museum of Modern Art. It isn’t for sale anymore but that’s perfectly fine, as we all have a surplus of film canisters we can use, don’t we?

Just get a matching set of canisters and a small drill. Carefully drill the P and S letters on the lid just like the photo and you’re all set! When one of your friends come over and compliment you on your little creation, just nod knowingly, stroke your chin, and say ’that’s art.’

written by cruzron on 2013-07-24 #gear #tutorials #film #diy #kitchen #tipster #canister

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