Boogie and His Demons


Street photographer Boogie is one of the most influential shooters roaming around these days. One of his latest projects entitled “Demons” uses the alternative process of wet plate collodion and looks incredibly awesome! Check out his ‘making of’ video after the jump!

Photo by Boogie

The collodion process is one of the earliest forms of photographic processes. It basically necessitates having your plate coated, sensitized, exposed and developed within the span of about fifteen minutes. That means having a darkroom in the immediate vicinity. Sounds like quite an ordeal for a single shot, don’t you think? But the results you get are definitely worth it.

Interested in trying it out? Check out Boogie's making of video, which demonstrates just how it’s done!

written by cruzron on 2013-07-24 #videos #lifestyle #street #photographer #new-york #boogie

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