Dazzling Doubles Taken Using the Lubitel Cameras

2013-07-23 5

What is a sure-fire way of knowing that you’ve already mastered your beloved Lubitel camera? If you’ve tried experimenting with various techniques with it, and have met success. Tricky techniques, like, let’s say, shooting impressive doubles with it! Some of our fellow lomographers have mastered the art of double exposures with their Lubitel cameras, with amazing results! Take a look!

If the previous Lubitel galleries we’ve been sharing have impressed you, we’re sure you’ll be floored with the selection we have prepared for you today. Some of our fellow lomographers have taken their Lubitel photography a notch higher by experimenting and practicing the double exposure technique. The Lubitel cameras have uncoupled advance and shutter mechanisms — meaning, you don’t need to advance the frame to cock the shutter, and you can expose a frame for as many times as you want before moving on to the next!

Just what can you achieve with this feature? With enough practice and experimentation, beautiful doubles like the ones below:

Credits: theresia, jennson, tiano, danielnegreiros, lazybuddha, vtayeh, das-z, bloomchen, deprofundis, juditto, atria007, aton, coca, brommi, salvacasablancas, stewartbremner, geiza_dobashi & endowaty

To the lomographers who took the mind-blowing doubles above, congratulations, you certainly have mastered the art of double exposure with your Lubitel cameras. You are all awesome!

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