Brilliant Color Polaroids with Fujifilm FP-100C

2013-07-25 1

I find polaroids fascinating! My father said he had a Polaroid Land Camera 250 (from 1963). I immediately looked for film and a battery.

The battery holder was broken but it was easy to fix. So first look for a new battery. Unfortunately this is a special 4.5V battery that is no longer for sale anywhere. There are a lot videos on the internet to find out how you can replace three AAA batteries but I’ve been looking for the 4.5V battery itself Found it through eBay and delivered within a week.

There are still two beautiful films made ​​for this series of Polaroid cameras, namely Fujifilm FP-100C (color) and FP-3000B (black / white). The so-called peel-apart-type. Fujifilm FP-100C is a professional “peel-apart” instant color film with very good performance under different lighting conditions. The film is of fine grain and rich tonal gradation.


  • Film Size: 85 × 108mm
  • Image size: 73 × 95mm
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100
  • Surface: glossy
  • Number of photos: 10 per pack

Battery; check, film; check! Finally we can take pictures! Woot Woot!!! Remember to set the camera’s ISO right before you shoot.

Once you have taken a photo pull very carefully the white tab from the camera. Take your time because if you do it wrong you won’t be happy! As you can see, not all went well with the first few pictures.

At a temperature of 25 C (Celsius) (77 F (Fahrenheit) this film needs 90 seconds for development. That’s not really fast compared to the FP-3000B (black / white) because that one needs only 15 seconds with the same temperature. So if you have an old Land Camera 100 Series than try the FP100C! If you want information about the battery, camera, or film send me a message.

Good luck!

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  1. aanum
    aanum ·

    I was thinking about gelting a camera like this, it Might be the next camera I buy... Great article

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