Picture This: Freedom


Whenever I see birds flying around, I think of freedom. I wish I was one of those birds to fly freely through the immensity of the sky, with no obligations, no destination, light as a feather. To have the sky as the limit, literally.

Credits: luffyblu

Freedom is a really complex theme. We can say no one is entirely free. We always depend on something ( such as timetables, money o food) or someone. However, in some situations, we can experience a big feeling of freedom. I feel it when I am in contact with the wild, with nature in its pure form, away from manmade places. When contemplating the greatness and peace of nature, being a part of it, I find myself totally free.

Credits: luffyblu

That is why a desert beach or the countryside bring me freedom. Watching the strength of the waves against the rocks and then fainting in the sand, hearing its music, feeling the wind in my hair… what else can me more liberating? Animals running through the green fields, fish swimming in the unlimited blue sea, birds crossing the sky… All that means freedom to me. And Summer holidays are the perfect occasion to enjoy all of those precious things!

Credits: luffyblu

You should also run away to the wild once in a while. I bet you would feel completely free, even if it was just for an afternoon.

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written by luffyblu on 2013-07-28 #lifestyle #nature #sea #free #sky #bird #fly #wild #holidays #freedom

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