DIY Film Slide Business Cards

2013-07-23 2

Ran out of your current stock of business cards and looking for new ideas? Try this one out for size!

Photo by Jernej Lasič

It’s hard to make an impression with yawn inducing business cards. This idea from photographer Jernej Lasič however, will surely break the ice and get the conversations going!


  • Slides – It goes without saying that you’ll need slides that you have no intention of keeping anymore. Try looking for a bulk deal in a flea market!
  • Translucent film
  • Laser printer
  • Scissors or a cutter
  • Glue
Photo by Jernej Lasič


  1. Measure the slides and layout your contact information on a computer
  2. Print it with your printer
  3. Cut your contact info in little squares
  4. Remove the film from the slides and replace them with your contact info
  5. Glue it shut and voila!
Photo by Jernej Lasič

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