Music Festivals Captured on Lomographs


The season of music festivals isn’t over, so you still have time to snag those tickets and capture your favorite outdoor concerts on film. And since concert promoters have been unnervingly strict with the kind of cameras patrons bring to events these days, you might want to leave those bulky DSLRs behind just to be safe, and shoot away with a Lomography camera or two.

Germany’s Open Flair Festival shot with a Horizon Perfekt

To show off just what these cameras can do, we’ve compiled a bunch of music festival photos just for you!

Festivals on the horizon

Considering the volume of people that flock to such events, music festivals are held at the largest outdoor venues possible.

And Horizon cameras will allow you to capture vast concert grounds on every occasion.

Concert stage as seen through a Horizon Perfekt
Pitchfork Music Festival captured with a Horizon Kompakt
Mysteryland in Chile, taken with a Horizon Kompakt

Bursts of Color with the LC-A and LC-W

If you want highly saturated mementos of your most awaited music event, go with the Lomo LC-A, or a bit wider with the Lomo LC-W.

Onstage at Thailand’s Last Fat Music Festival , shot with the Lomo LC-A.
Lollapalooza taken with the Lomo LC-A
Wacken Open Air, shot with Lomo LC-Wide

Hip to be Square with Diana F+

The Diana F+ isn’t just for those delicate portraits. Diana can rock it at your favorite concert!

Rock en Seine in Paris
Primavera Fauna in Chile

Hi-fi Fun in Lo-fi Splendor

The Holga will save your concert moments in medium format or on 135 film.

Sasquatch shot with Holga 135
Wilderness Festival shot with Holga 135
At Belgium’s Dour Festival, taken with Holga 120

Around the World with Spinner 360

Take the Spinner 360 for a spin at the biggest music festival you’ll ever attend.

The Hop Farm Music Festival taken with the Spinner 360
At the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

Still not convinced? Check out more music festival photos from our website.

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