Blackpool Promenade


This stretch of coastline has felt many-a-tourist’s sandals/bare feet trot along it in the past. But is it really the same today as it was back when it was popular? Or is it even the same as it’s portrayed on the tele? Having been a regular visitor since I was a child, I think not. But the important question is, does it still have that special something about it?

Unless you look really hard, Blackpool doesn’t expose many treats at all. There’s the tower, pleasure beach, illuminations, a few piers and of course, the standard beach. But if you look hard enough (granted you have to hop a few gates and avoid packs of ruffians), you can find an angle of the big dipper no ones seen before. Or an ill-treated staircase, exposed to years of the spray-paint clad youngsters with nothing better to do with themselves.

My favorite thing was to get right underneath the piers themselves and admire the almost ancient engineering keeping it from sinking into the sand. And of course, the traditional people to go to Blackpool with are your family, but I prefer to go solitary and imagine I’m actually George Formby.

I think next visit I shall take more cameras. There’s always something funky going on in that town!

written by joejee on 2010-04-14 #places #coast #england #location #promenade #beach #lancashire #blackpool

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  1. mattg85
    mattg85 ·

    Cool shots, very dreary

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