Awesome Albums: Infrared First Round by makny


See red (in the best way possible) with today’s Awesome Album feature! Check it out!

Taken in the beautiful Valles Pasiegos in Cantabaria, Spain and using a Hasselblad 553ELX that was loaded with the legendary Kodak Aerochrome film, the aptly named album: Infrared first round by community member makny, is a collection of photos that ooze with various shades of red and fuchsia that makes them definitely worthy of being printed and hung on the walls.

Bathed in high contrast and distinct sharpness, this album is simply gorgeous.

Credits: makny

Have you had a go at this legendary film? Share your shots below!

The Awesome Albums series is exactly what it says on the tin — it’s a love letter of sorts from the Editors addressed to user-uploaded albums that had caught their eye and had inadvertently fallen in love with. Please understand though, they’re really just here to express their love and nothing more.

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