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While my bookshelf is typically comprised of fiction, photo books, and photography guides, I wouldn’t mind adding some nice illustration books to my collection, especially if they’re as wacky and deliciously retro as the collection of consumer product parodies featured in the Wacky Packages books!

Last week, I was thumbing through the titles in our office bookshelf and came across this interesting book of, as the title suggests, Wacky Packages. All the wacky-ness turn out to be clever and witty parodies of American consumer products and brands done in delicious retro illustrations.

Book cover images via Book Depository

The two books — both entitled Wacky Packages, the only distinction being the colors (the red one was the first) — feature the collection of designs from the fourteen series of Wacky Packages collectible stickers produced by Topps company from 1973 to 1975. The illustrations for the stickers were made by well-known comic artists, including Bill Griffit, Kim Deitch, Jay Lynch, and Norm Saunders. The first book was published to celebrate 35 years of Wacky Packages, and the follow-up book came later in 2010.

While illustrators and graphic artists will definitely be the biggest fans of find these books, I have no doubt that they make great additions to every bibliophile’s bookshelf. Leafing through the pages is pure joy, not only for the beautiful retro illustrations, but also for the witty and pun-ny parodies! These are my favorites from the second book:

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Head over to Wacky Packages on Wikipedia and to find out more about the books and the cool sticker collection!

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