Colorsplash Flash Review – The Smaller the Better

2013-07-23 2

I like to carry things with me. Like a camera, flash, a small umbrella, bottle of water, spare film, sometimes a small tripod. When you carry many things, you begin to appreciate lighter and smaller things.. and that’s why I like Colorsplash!

When I bought my Diana Mini and got into Lomography, I decided to get a flash too. I bought Diana flash because it looked good, but I never liked it. It didn’t feel sturdy enough to be carried in my bag with all the other stuff. I felt it was too tall to be handy and it made a high pitched noise when it was on. I came across Colorsplash and immediately ordered it. I was afraid that it’s going to have same problems that the Diana flash had, but I was wrong.

The best thing is the size! It’s not tall like Diana flash and it seems to be much sturdier. It fits nicely to the Diana Mini and looks surprisingly good even though the design of these two apparatuses are from different centuries. I’ve seen photos where Colorsplash goes over cameras knobs and winders, but with Diana Mini this isn’t a problem.

Being powered by single double A battery, I think this flash is surprisingly powerful and fast to load again. With Diana Mini and ISO200 film inside, I can light thing up to 2 meters, which is usually more than enough for me… and the best thing there’s only a quiet high pitch noise in Colorsplash.

Another great thing is the Lomo fitted color filters inside the flash! I hate to have filters with me in my bag, because they are small and get lost easily. There are four slots where you can put four filters of your 10 filter selection. Turning the color filter compartment works great and it easy to use.

I usually find something bad in any product, but with this one it’s hard. It’s great small flash with innovative design. It suits perfectly to my Lomography gear and will stay there as long as it breathes.

Credits: jutei

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  1. kelseyrj
    kelseyrj ·

    Hello! First off, I love these photos and this is a fantastic review! I just had one question for you however, I have a Diana Mini and am interested in purchasing the Colorsplash Flash but am wondering if I am lacking a necessary attachment that I need to make the flash work? (I never purchased the Diana flash, just the camera alone). If you could message me back and let me know it'd be greatly appreciated! This looks like an awesome little flash and the review sold me on it :)

  2. crowdizzle
    crowdizzle ·

    kelseyrj, in an above photo of the mini there is this accessory between the camera and flash. what ive come to realize is that anyone who has a diana (excluding the baby 110), needs this piece if they wish to use flash. i believe its called a diana flash adaptor. not sure if its available alone. hope this helps clearify things for you.

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