Je t’aime, Paris: Eiffel Tower, From My Point of View

2013-07-23 2

The Eiffel Tower, an instantly recognisable and iconic symbol of Paris. Most of us already know the history of this magnificent structure, so here it is from my point of view! From down on the ground and to up high in the tower, I’ll tell you how we skipped the line and I’ll share some of my favourite lomographs from the trip that happened by mistake!

When my boyfriend and I traveled briefly through a couple of countries in Europe last fall, I was using the trusty Yashica that I found on the side of the road which does a great job at getting the ‘vintage’ tones from redscale film! However, I realized too late that the batteries pretty much died in the last roll of film before I left, so all of my photos of Europe came out like this — very red and contrast-y.

Rather than just being disappointed in the shots, I still looked for beauty in them and this shot below became my favourite of the trip, I just loved how contrasty the iron lattice looks agains the red sky.

As you have all heard before, Paris really is the city of love and this time I took my love to see it. The last time I was there, I was missing him terribly when I was following through with travel plans I had made before we met. Knowing his complete hate of crowds, I investigated ways of ‘jumping the queue’ and found that if you booked your trip up the tower online, (at least 24 hours ahead of time) you didn’t have to line up — you just have to arrive at your booked time. This worked out great for us, even though on the day we had booked for the top viewing platform wasn’t open.

We had a great time together in Paris and the Eiffel Tower was a big highlight. This trip was very different for me since on my first trip, it was the middle of summer so there were literally thousands of people in the area — this time though, there were only a couple of hundred, so it felt a lot more relaxed. I even had a long conversation with a stranger about film photography when he stopped me after I was taking a shot of the tower from the grounds behind it with my Polaroid.

Being from an area where the biggest tourist attraction is the daily Pelican feeding, it’s an amazing feeling to visit places as monumental as this. My boyfriend was impressed with how large the tower was and I remembered how on my first trip being surprised with how brown it was — in photos it always seemed more of a dark brown/black.

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  1. metobi
    metobi ·

    Wow, awesome photos you have there! Totally different from all the normal stuff you see all the time. :)

  2. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Looks like you 'lucked out'! With failed battery, it could have been a disaster. Remember the Boy Scout motto - "be prepared". I always check all my photo gear before any trip.

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