Top 5 Larger-Than-Life Lomography Cameras!

2013-07-19 1

Ever heard of the saying “Go big or go home?” Looks like that’s what these creators had in mind when they built these gigantic camera replicas worthy of Guinness World Records! See if your favourite Lomography camera was worthy of a colossal counterpart and find out how they made it below!

*Lomo LC-A+*

On the occasion of the LC-A+’s 25th anniversary in 2009, the crew at the Hong Kong Gallery Store built a monumental LC-A+ using liberal amounts of fiber glass!

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*Lubitel 166+*

As part of the Times Square Lomography in 2011, some of our most well-loved cameras were supersized then given interactive features, like this Lubitel with a trampoline and LCD screen inside!

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*La Sardina*

For the opening of the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore, retail staffer @meerly had her cool dad to make a stupendous La Sardina for guests to play-shoot with. We love creative collaborations!

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*Sprocket Rocket*

Almost 50 times (!) bigger than the actual camera, this spacious and voluminous Sprocket Rocket was also part of the Times Square exhibition in Hong Kong. Can you imagine the size of the panoramic shots this camera could have taken?

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Lastly, here’s a ginormous camera that actually makes prints! Built in Arizona in 2012, the Holy Holga uses 30″ × 30″ light-sensitive photo paper as film. Phew! That’s a lot of developing chemicals, too.

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Photo via Lomography

Have a phobia over jumbo cameras? No worries! If you prefer pocketable and collectible camera replicas, you might like these Lomographic keychains instead!

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