Taking Back Tipsters: Splitzer Tipsters for Fisheye Cameras


Lomographs taken using the Fisheye cameras are already unique in their own way, but who says you can’t experiment with fisheye snaps anymore? One thing you can try making with these fun, circular shots is to splitz them, using a dedicated splitzer you can make yourself! Find out how after the jump!

You must have observed that splitzed snaps have been pretty popular among our fellow community members, especially for those who have dedicated splitzers for the Lomo LC-A+ and for the Diana F+. But what about those who want to do splitzed experiments with their Fisheye cameras? We come to your rescue with some DIY splitzer tips for the Fisheye cameras made by our fellow lomographers!

Photo by astilla

A Splitz for your Fish(eye!) by astilla

Want to start splitzing your fisheye snaps right away? Then, the tipster above by astilla may be the best for you. With a few cuts and snips of an illustration board, you’ll be up and splitzing away with your Fisheye camera in no time!

Photo by isyraf

DIY Splitzer for Fisheye by isyraf

Don’t have the time to run to the nearest craft store for an illustration board? See if you have a sturdy (but not too thick) cardboard box lying around that you can cut away! If your cardboard is white or lets in a bit of light, you might want to color or paint it black first before using with your Fisheye camera.

DIY Splitzers For (Nearly) Nothing! by lokified

As the title above suggests, the tipster above by lokified shows you how you can make splitzers for your lomography cameras — the Fisheyes included — using a lens cap you don’t use anymore, or plastic bottle caps that may fit your cameras.

Credits: hervinsyah

Delectable Splitzer Pizza by hervinsyah

Last but not the least is the tipster above by hervinsyah, showing an interesting and unusual splitzer style for your Fisheye cameras. Inspired by the round shape of pizzas, our fellow lomographer came up with the idea of turning your circular shots into analogue pizza slices!

Got a rad idea for making a DIY splitzer for the Fisheye cameras? We’d very much like to try it out, so go ahead and submit a tipster!

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