Throwback Thursday: Anscochrome Color Film

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While it’s not as well-known today as its rival Kodak, Ansco was a photographic company based in Binghamton, New York that was already in the business way before the latter.

Originally named E. Anthony and Co. when it was founded in 1842, the company changed its name to Anthony and Scovill Co. in 1901 after a merger with the Connecticut camera business, Scovill Manufacturing.

In 1928, the company had undergone another merger, this time with the German photo company Agfa, forming the Agfa-Ansco Corporation.

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Just a little bit before WWII, the company developed a color slide film called Anscochrome that boasted a greater speed than its market rival, Kodachrome. Another characteristic that set it apart was that, unlike Kodachrome, which required factory processing, Anscochrome could be processed in any darkroom.

You can view a hi-res version of the ad here.

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  1. berndtotto
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    Funny, that they advertised a color film on B/W.

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