LomoAmigo Novemberkind Discovers the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator


Just two months ago we asked Larissa Honsek, better known as Novemberkind, five questions about analogue photography and learned more about her pinhole passion. Now we are welcoming her as our latest LomoAmigo! She tested the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator and the Diana Instant Back+.for us. Her images and impressions of dealing with the camera can be found in the following interview.

Name: Larissa Honsek
LomoHome: Novemberkind
Profession: Graphic Designer
City: Berlin
Country: Germany

Hi Larissa, in our interview series 5 Questions on Analogue Photography we learned more about you and your pinhole passion. You had the opportunity to try out our Diana Multi Pinhole Operator. What do you think of the camera and how was shooting with it?

The Diana fits very well in my collection of pinhole cameras. But I haven’t used the multiple pinhole option yet. I liked the opportunity of using it with an Instant Back and holding the light directly onto photographic paper.

The Pinhole Operator has inspired you to a small photo series. Tell us more about it.

As a mother, I’m spending most of my time with my daughter, and of course, the series has been developed together with her, she is the principal actress.

You also have used the Instant Back+. How did you like it?

The Instant Back is great fun. Because pinhole cameras don’t allow a preview, the Instant Back is very helpful. I use the Diana in combination with the Instant Back as a second camera to pretest scenes first before I banish them on film.

Do you have tips for our community in dealing with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator and the Instant Back +?

You get the best colors on instant photos in daylight.

You are one of the founders of the Obscura Book. What kind of project is it and who had the idea?

OBSCURA is a project for contemporary pinhole photography, which arises together with the worldwide photo community. The photographers were asked to interpret eleven poetic terms for themselves with the pinhole camera – so we have captured a great variety of different looks for the book. We’re working on OBSCURA for about two years and are currently realizing the print with crowdfunding. There are still a few days left to raise the money, so who ever wants to preorder the book can do so now and support us: http://igg.me/at/OBSCURA-Book.

The idea for the book came, because I noticed that apart from monographs there are just a few books on the market about pinhole photography. At that time I was searching for inspiration. I think with OBSCURA we can offer an impressive variety of this type of photography.

One of the jury members was German actress Nora Tschirner. Is she a fan of analogue photography?

Nora is always curious to explore things – so it happened that she became a jury member of OBSCURA. She is primarily interested in the soul behind the work, and especially with pinhole camera photography, there are so many varieties that inspired Nora – like us.

On your Tumblr there is an incredibly beautiful animated pinhole image of her.

The jury of OBSCURA is very international, but whenever it was possible, we met our judges for a photo shoot. Thus, one evening we experimented with Nora and a pinhole camera. Especially with multiple exposures we have made attempts and later these pictures came out.

Are there any other famous people you would like to photograph?

Nick Cave. I would like to do a series of photos with him.

Do you have any projects in the future?

There are already some ideas! OBSCURA will be followed by other arrangements and similar smaller projects and also several new visual ideas are already listed.

Thanks for the interview! We wish you much success with crowdfunding the Obscura Book.

If you want to learn more about Larissa and see more work, then please have a look at www.Novemberkind.com or become a fan of her on facebook. More information about the OBSCURA book can be found at www.obscura-book.com.

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translated by brommi

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