Konstruktor Tipster Callout!

2013-07-18 3

One does not simply stop with the completion of the Konstruktor, as there are so many other stupendous things you can do with it. We know you guys already have Tipsters in mind so let’s have them!

Photo by vgzalez

While the whole process of building the Konstruktor is a Tipster in its self, we want more! What have you discovered about the camera so far? Have you frankensteined some other camera lens with it? Made a way for it to get a new camera back? Or I don’t know, maybe something simpler like making it into a hat Devo style? I kid.

The point is, we want your Konstruktor tipsters! Submit your Konstruktor Tipsters and get 5 Piggy Points for published submissions!

written by cruzron on 2013-07-18 #gear #tutorials #tipster #callout #konstruktor


  1. mkcho73
    mkcho73 ·

    My tip is to keep an eye on the springs! The one that goes under the winder/counter went flying during construction and I haven't been able to find it anywhere!

  2. mc_jakie
    mc_jakie ·

    Hey, I wrote a blog with a Tipster in it along with a video too. Here's the link: www.lomography.com/homes/mc_jakie/blog/97567-building-the-k…

  3. djobrien687
    djobrien687 ·

    @mkcho73 I lost both of my springs and I emailed Lomography's Customer Support and they are sending me new parts

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