Impressive Portraits Taken Using the Lubitel Cameras


Medium format is the way to go for many film photographers when it comes to shooting portraits, and the Lubitel cameras are among the classic choices for this task! You might have already seen some great portraits taken by our fellow lomographers using the Lubitel 166+, but we bring you loads more after the jump!

If you have already seen the beautiful portraits taken by our fellow lomographers using the Lubitel 166+, we bring you loads more of these impressive portraiture, this time including those taken using other Lubitel cameras.

What makes medium format a good choice for portrait photography? Aside from the great level of detail offered by medium format films (making them great for printing in all sizes), the usual focal length of medium format cameras is 80mm, which falls within the ideal range of 80mm – 135mm for portraiture. This means that the focal length of Lubitel cameras — 75mm — is also close to this!

Now, let’s take a look at the selection of beautiful portraits below:

Credits: sobetion, walasiteodito, warning, sinvertigo, blueskyandhardrock, qrro, bccbarbosa, ropi, moodification, dogma, chippo, domyblue, hburgess, mrmex, satomi, endowaty & lomoculture

Do you find these portraits impressive enough? Share your insights with us and leave a comment below!

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