Concrete Skateboarding Chooses Analogue


Think photographing skaters that zoom by is just a task for hi-tech digital cameras? You might be surprised by how good skateboarders look in the latitude of film. Just check out Concrete Magazine’s photo annual issues and you’ll see that shredders and pushers look rad in analogue too!

Photo via Concrete Skateboarding

If you thought film photography wasn’t made for fast-paced action shots, think again. Concrete Skateboarding magazine explores various analogue formats in one of their photo annual issues and photographer Jeff Thorburn walks you through the film experience.

Despite people brandishing film and skate as “hipster” hobbies, the two actually work really well together! Skateboarding is a colorful culture all on its own and documenting its confident players, cool locations and sick tricks in film makes for rad results.

Check out Concrete Skateboarding for more info.

Photo via Concrete Skateboarding

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