Camera Collections: Lomographer sandravo's Analogue Obsession


She’s only been a Lomographer for five months and we’re already fawning over her growing obsession with film. Check out Belgian community member @sandravo's humble trove of analogue goodies and huge batch of emulsions in this week’s Camera Collection!

Photo by sandravo

Hi, Sandra a.k.a. sandravo! How did you start collecting film gear?

Contrary to the other Camera Collections that were shown so far, I’m pretty new to all this. I haven’t been collecting for even half a year. It wasn’t until Lomography ran the a project on Kickstarter (for the Smartphone Film Scanner!) that I became aware that analogue photography was still alive and kicking… And it kicked me hard! In only 5 months, I went from a single digital SLR to an ever-expanding analogue camera and film collection.

Photo by sandravo

Can you itemize every camera, accessory, and film you own?

So far my camera collection isn’t large enough to lose count of what I have, so I could probably give an accurate list. The most important cameras are: Lubitel 166+, Lubitel 2, Fuji GA645 Pro, Zeca Sport folding camera, Filmor box, Coronet box, LC-Wide, LC-A+ Silver Lake, Zenit 11, Praktica BMS, Chinon CX, Canon Eos 50E and the Horizon Kompakt.

Photo by sandravo

As for accessories, I have 9 lenses for my SLRs, 3 flashes including Fritz, a lot of knick-knacks such as color filters, close up filters and star filters, Splitzers, the LC-A Instant Back, a monopod and 3 tripods, quick release plates, cable releases, a lot of different camera bags in all sizes but only one I actually use (the Think Tank Retrospective 7), a handy dark bag in case something goes wrong, and maybe most importantly a fantastic scanner: the Epson V700!

Photo by sandravo

Listing my film stash, now that’s going to be hard! Last count give me little over 300 rolls, more than half of it is 120 film and the rest is 35mm. I would say about 60 percent is slide film, 20 percent color negative, and the rest BW. Most of the film is expired, the only fresh rolls are some Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 120 films, which I really like a lot.

Credits: sandravo

Do you like to use your them or admire them from the shelf?

As great looking as some of them are, especially the vintage ones, I would feel bad if they would spend the rest of their carreer sitting on a shelf doing nothing but looking beautiful! The reason I buy second hand cameras is so I can use them and give them another chance to show what they are capable of. Most of the oldies I bought needed some fixing or at the very least a thorough cleaning. Opening up old cameras such as the Lubitel 2 has been a great learning experience and has increased my admiration for these beautiful mechanical cameras that work without batteries. Obviously I can’t use them all at once, so my favourite cameras do have a special place to be admired when not in use, right in the middle of my living room.

Credits: sandravo

Will you ever part with your collection?

At the moment I am pretty happy with every single camera I own, so I don’t think I will sell one anytime soon. But I already sold some I didn’t use much: a beautiful La Sardina Belle Star was sold to upgrade to another wide angle beauty – the LC-Wide, the Sprocket Rocket was sold when I got the Lubitel 166+ (which also shoots 35mm with sprockets), a Black Jack Diana F+ had to go when the number of medium format cameras got too high, and finally I sold my black LC-A+ when I got my hands on what I believe to be the very last LC-A+ Silver Lake, just 2 weeks ago!

Credits: sandravo

Is your collection complete or is there still that “Holy Grail” piece you’re looking for?

I’m pretty sure a Lomographer’s collection is never complete! Neither is mine! There’s plenty of cameras I would like to have, so it’s hard to pick out just one. The best I can do is give you the top 3 on my wish list: Hasselblad XPan, Leica M3 and Polaroid SX70 Land Camera. The Horizon Perfekt used to share the third place, but I just ordered it, so that’s one I can cross off!

Credits: sandravo

Fast Camera Collection Facts
Number of cameras? 18
Number of accessories? One more every day!
Number of films? 300+
Number of years collecting? 5 months
Biggest buy/most expensive items? Fuji GA645 Pro
Sweetest steal/cheapest scored items? All the free stuff I have gotten from total strangers, e.g. Zenit 11, Praktica BMS and Chinon CX, but also a lot of free film, e.g. 50 rolls of Fuji slide film! And the the LC-A+ Silver Lake with a 29% discount in honor of the LC-As 29th birthday two weeks ago! I know that camera has been out of stock for a while, but by some miracle one turned up at the local Gallery Store and it’s mine now!
Most prized possessions/favourites from the collection? The GA645 is without a doubt the best camera in my collection, with a razor sharp lens. Nonetheless, my favourite cameras are the Lubitels.
Amount of money spent? That’s only for me to know ;-) But I’ll tell you this much: when I got bitten by the Lomography virus, I realized things could get very expensive very fast. So I decided one way to keep things under control would be writing for the Magazine! Since May, I also give the occasional workshop in the Antwerp Gallery Store. Add some Rumbles to that and I would say half my expenses have been covered by Piggies and the other half in cold hard cash!

Credits: sandravo

Thanks for showing us Camera Collection, sandravo!

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