Make Your Own Instant Photo Wall!


Gather up some of your favorite Polaroid and Instax photos and read on for how to make your very own photo wall!

I love Polaroid! The only problem is that they are in the closet and that’s a shame. There are no frames for Polaroid because of the different formats. There’s also lots of other instant photography formats like Fuji Instax Mini Film 6,5 × 4,6cm, Fuji Instant Film FP 3000B 8,5 × 10,8cm and PX The Impossible Project 8,8 × 10,7cm. So I’ve decided to make a Polaroid photo wall!

- (iron) wire
- wire closures
- plugs / screws
- sailing clamps or market clamps

Drill two holes in the wall and fasten the hooks in the wall. Tension the wire between the two eyes and make sure the wire is stretched. Tight as possible! Now hang with the terminals on the Polaroids. Easy! Cost around 30, – Euro.

Good luck!

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  1. vkjaiswal
    vkjaiswal ·

    I am definatly doing this as soon as I shift to my new apartment

  2. dimitridasilva
    dimitridasilva ·

    I was looking for a tips like yours since a months at least ! So thanks a lot !

  3. jakemasa
    jakemasa ·

    This is so awesome

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