Rembrandt's Faces and his Lighting Technique


While Google has already honored the late, great, master of the Dutch Golden Age, Rembrandt, we thought it’d be enlightening to have a study of his famous “profile” studies. Can you replicate a Rembrandt face with your camera?

A Rembrandt face is a face partially eclipsed; and the nose, bright and obvious, thrusting into the riddle of halftones, serves to focus the viewer’s attention upon, and to dramatize, the division between a flood of light—an overwhelming clarity—and a brooding duskiness.

Can you show us your best Rembrandt faces? For portraits, we recommend twin reflex lens cameras such as The Lubitel 166+, The Belair X 6-12 and The LC-Wide.

Credits: falsedigital & reiga

Did you know there’s even a lighting technique called Rembrandt lighting? You can achieve this at home by using 1-2 lights and a reflector. The effect is one half of the face is more illuminated that the other with a sort of “illuminated triangle” beneath the eye on the side of the face in shadows.

We’d like to see your shots using rembrandt lighting!

Information taken from Wikipedia

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