I Left my Heart in Chrysopigi, Sifnos Greece


Sifnos (Greek: Σίφνος) is a small island of about 74 km² located within the Western Cyclades. Inhabited since very early times, Sifnos’s main claim to fame in ancient world was for its gold and silver mines, some still remains, as a result of which the island became known by the 6th century BC as one of the most prosperous places in Greece.

In its geography and climate Sifnos falls naturally into two halves, the western part, where most ferries land, being bare and rugged, while the eastern part, which most visitors find more amenable, has somewhat more gentle terrain and is greener. Despite increasing tourism most Greeks Sifnos retains much of its traditional atmosphere and it’s claimed to be one of the most well conserved island of the Cyclades.

We spent there a week last summer during a trip in the Cyclades, founding there a wonderful sea, magical atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes. I think I left a piece of my heart in Sifnos, particularly in Chrysopigi (Greek: Χρυσοπηγή meaning “golden springs”), a small bay near the Faros village in the south eastern side of Sifnos. The sacred rock of Chrysopigi bay is a must see in life with its snow white monastery and the pristine Aegean sea forming the backdrop. Though there is no greenery around, it is one of the popular architecture of the world. The monastery of Chrysopigi is nonexistent but there is a church of the Panagia that travelers can visit.

The church is set in a virtual island due to a gap in the rock pathway while walking down from the monastery. This area is a swimmers fantasy but be aware that the sea is pretty rough at times. We found this dreaming place during the first day of exploration of the island and we went back there almost every day of the vacation. I still feel a strong emotion in recalling the days spent sitting under the sun staring at the white monastery clash with the deep blue sea and sky, looking to find out where the horizon disappear between the blue up and down. Getting lost in my thoughts accompanied by the sound of the waves. Salt and sun warmed my skin, she warmed my heart. Oh so wonderful!

If you get the chance to visit the island you should visit the ancient Kastro, Sifnos’ capital until 1836. and enjoy local specialties in one of the family restaurants on the beach of Kamares.

info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sifnos

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  1. cyan-shine
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    Great pics and lomolocation :D Thanks for sharing! I wish I'd have the opportunity to visit Sifnos soon, I've heard from many that it is a wonderful island :D Like most Greek islands ;)

  2. stouf
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    Thank you zeta-reticoli. You just reminded me my passion for Greek Islands. Beautiful title, text and gallery. Euxharisto !

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    6 is good!

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    I m gonna translate this article!

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