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You are on a holiday in the Netherlands and suddenly it starts raining (that happens a lot here). What do you do? Go to the Rijksmuseum, of course. Find out more after the jump!

If you are going to visit the Netherlands this summer you are probably going to visit Amsterdam first. The capital of the Netherlands, known for its red-light district and legitimate cannabis use is also known of a big cultural gem and that is the Rijksmuseum. This Museum is known for some famous paintings like the Nightswatch by Vincent van Gogh or the Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer. The Rijksmuseum is the biggest and most important museum of the Netherlands. It shows the glory of the most important era of our country: the Golden Age. This era shows how our country was growing due to trading (slaves, spices) and conquering colonies.

Because of the Golden Age, the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam was one of the wealthiest places on the planet. This wealth translated to a lot paintings like the Nightswatch where the people where displayed with a lot of flamboyant garments and highly detailed armor. Besides the paintings you can also check out the wonderful architecture of the building. As some of you may know, the museum has been in renovation for almost 10 years. The museum recently finished the renovation and the museum was re-opened by our beloved princess, Beatrix, and boy oh boy, it looks absolutely fabulous.

So if you are in Amsterdam and the weather is ruining your day (in Netherlands, the weather is your biggest enemy) fear not! The Rijksmueum will save your day!

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