Enormous Tintype Camera Can Shoot Analog Version of Gigapixel Photos

2013-07-15 7

Gigapixel photography is ultimately something born out of the digital world, but it doesn’t mean that it’s an exclusively digital thing. A San Francisco photographer has built an enormous tintype camera

It’s amazing how the folks over at Photobooth, the tintype studio in San Francisco who took what could be the world's smallest tintypes, also took what may be the most detailed analog photographs ever.

PetaPixel and Tested recently reported that Photobooth photographer Michael Shindler has built a custom tintype camera that can take beautiful analog portraits which can rival digital gigapixel photos.

Before anything else, take a look at the big beauty below:

Photos via Tested

Shindler built the analog mammoth using various parts he obtained over the past decade and some pieces he himself had designed and built. The bellows came from a 60-year-old copy camera, while the Rodenstock Sironar-N 490mm f/8.4 lens was purchased on eBay for $1,000.

Instead of working with 4″ × 5″ plates, Shindler now uses 14″ × 17″ plates in the enormous camera he built. That means 10 times the area of the usual plates he uses and therefore most likely capable of capturing the same level of detail as digital gigapixel photos. This, says Tested, also puts them big tintypes into Ultra Large Format (ULF) category, which was traditionally used to take landscapes and group photos. It’s also worth noting that the lens are said to be capable of rendering the subject at 1:1 scale, or “almost exactly life-sized.”

What do these big tintypes look like? Below is a 14″ × 17″ tintype that Shindler digitized using a Canon 5D Mark II. You can view at a higher resolution here. The digitized version is said to contain only around 1/100th of the details in the actual tintype.

Photo via Tested

What can you say about Michael Shindler’s tintype beast and the so-called analogue gigapixel photos that it’s capable of taking? Share your insights with a comment below!

All information for this article were sourced from Tested and PetaPixel.

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