Monday Moodboard: Feeling (French) Fried

2013-07-15 6

It can sometimes be a drag to drag yourself back to the office after a wonderful weekend, so let me share with you the moodboard of inspiring imagery that gets me pumped up for the work week! This Monday, I give you 45 Lomographs of my favourite comfort food-slash-stress coping mechanism: French fries!

Credits: kuryzu

Sometimes, when you’re so passionate about what you do, you find yourself working even on weekends. That’s great! Those older and wiser than me have always given the advice to “do something you love” so that it doesn’t feel like a job and you still get paid for it.

Besides working for Lomography full-time as a copywriter, I also get hired for photography jobs on some weekends as well as contribute to several publications on the side. It’s a good arrangement because I get to immerse myself in all my interests, but there’s a fine line between being “hardworking” and being a “workaholic,” and it’s a boundary you have to set clear for your own health—physical, mental, social, and otherwise.

While I’ve been feeling a bit burntout by a deluge of tasks lately, it’s nothing comfort food can’t sort out. If there’s one dish that can energize me any day of the week, it’s fries! I just looove salted, skin-on, starchy spuds, and inventive and imaginative versions of it even more so! Give me a supersized serving of pomme frites and I’ll be back to work mode after wiping the grease off my fingers!

Like this weekend, I tried the Carne Asada Fries from Latin street food restaurant Brasas for the first time and it literally inspired me to write about darned French fries for Monday Moodboard! It was a hearty serving of thick-cut fried potatoes with lots of beef and pico de gallo slathered all over it and, oh, it was a fiesta in my mouth! Now I’m off to grab some grub and I guess you can sense what I’m about to order…

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