Recap: Multiple Exposures with the La Sardina


We had one of our biggest workshop turnouts ever in July! For this particular event, everyone was given a La Sardina to shoot with, and was taught how to take fantastic photos using the MX (multiple exposure switch) at the top of the camera. Check out the photos from the event here!

We started out our expenditure with our usual in-store tutorial. All 11 Lomographers listened intently as Steven explained the magic of the La Sardina camera. He discussed, in great detail, the proper light needed for a multiple exposure, and gave everyone tips for shooting on the bright sunny day.

After the lesson was over, it was time to head to the park! Everyone scattered around the fountain located in Wicker Park and began shooting their friends, flowers, and even some strangers! People flocked around our Lomographers asking questions about the camera, and the technique that we were trying to master. It was a fun day! Thanks for coming out everybody.

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