Making Your Own Film Canister Bracelet

2013-07-15 2

There’s this saying of wearing your heart on your sleeve but how do you feel about wearing it on your wrist?

Photo from photojojo

Want something to accentuate your outfit the next time you go clubbing or Lomo-walking? A film canister bracelet is just what you need and here’s how to do it!


  • Film canisters – source them from your friendly neighborhood photo lab
  • Pliers
  • Can opener
  • Adhesive
Photo from photojojo


  1. Pop open the canister using the can opener
  2. Carefully flatten the canister out
  3. Using the pliers, fold in the edges of the canister a bit to remove the sharp edges
  4. Stick the ends with adhesive and just bend it so it fits your wrist!

written by cruzron on 2013-07-15 #gear #tutorials #fashion #diy #tipster #bracelet

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